GPM AntiVirus v14.7b (Oct 27, 2014)

GPM Clam AntiVirus v14.7b

A powerful Open Source Antivirus for your PC, 
includes: Explorer Context menu extension, Secure Eraser,
Tray Menu Mode, Simplified/Advanced GUI, Powerful ClamAV
Scanner, Real-Time Virus Scanner, Secure WebBrowser, 
Registry Tools, GCleaner, Memory Cleaner, Auto-Update
Process Explorer, AdEvader, USB Antivirus
and uses the open source Clam AntiVirus engine.

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GPM Clam Antivirus - Proudly Pinoy!

Before Installation Notes:

- This will install the GPM Certificate Authority Root (Self-Signed) so you 
  can verify other programs signed by GPM.
- This also installs the ff. services: 'GPMAVQuaSvc', 'GPMClamAVRTSvc', 'GPMAVAuSvc'
- Some features of GPM Antivirus are missing due to the serious problem:
- Beta Version this may contain bugs in the 'GPMAVGUI.exe', 'Process Explorer' programs.
- Tested on Windows 7 only, please test on WIndows Vista, XP, 8, 10


- Added GPM Antivirus Quarantine Service (Encrypts Quarantined Files in Real-Time)
- Added Quarantine Explorer in GPM AV Tools GUI
- Fix GPMAVUPDATEGUI Configuration Files
- Added Banner in Context Menu Scanner


- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
- Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2005/2008/2010/2012
- Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Known Bugs:

- Memory Leak in 'GPMAVGUI.exe'
- Memory Leak in 'GPMAVProcExplr.exe'
- RT Mode: ClamAV is taking all PC Resources, please enable RT Scanner 
  if your PC can handle it.  Real-Time Scanner is NOT recommended for 
  Low End PC. NOT A BUG

      MD5: 00b97108bce78db83317366f600047bc
      SHA-1: 0fdbd3397a71e0d794cef78e8b3e157b1912641f