GPM AntiVirus v14.5a (Sep 6 2014)

GPM AntiVirus v14.5a

A powerful Open Source Antivirus for your PC,
includes: Explorer Context menu extension, Secure Eraser,
Tray Menu Mode, Simplified/Advanced GUI, Thorough Scanner,
Real-Time Virus Scanner, Secure WebBrowser,
Registry Tools, GCleaner, Memory Cleaner, Auto-Update
Process, AdEvader, Memory Cleaner, USB Antivirus
and uses the open source Clam AntiVirus engine.

Project Page GitHub:

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GPM Clam Antivirus – Proudly Pinoy!

Github Folder:

File: GPMAV_setup_v14_5_alpha_nodb.exe
SHA-1: 5AF851D5F4A1FBA102320D925715C156F7143C59
CRC32: F21F33F4
Description: Main GPMAV v14.5a Setup File No Virus Database

File: ca.crt
SHA-1: 57CF615AB2A9B7573D5975A959F0B785B238467A
CRC32: D5876A04
Description: GPM CA – For use to verify authenticity of GPMAV signed Exe and Dlls.

Changelog: (ALPHA VERSION) v14.5a September 6, 2014
* ClamAV Engine Update: 0.98.4 Stable
* Removed Quarantine Explorer
* Changed Installation Directory to %System Drive%\GPMAV
* Added New Features but not yet implemented
* Removed some Features
* Removed ‘Display Progress’ & ‘Kill Unload Viruses’ on GPM Clam AV GUI
* Added ‘Save to Log File’ & ‘Debug Mode’ on GPM Clam AV GUI
* Added ‘DB1′ (Display Virus Database 1 (Main.cvd) Info’ & ‘DB2′ (Display Virus Database 2 (Daily.cvd) Info’ & ‘DB3′ (Display Virus Database 3 (bytecode.cvd) Info’ on GPM Clam A
* RE-Built Everything due to serious ‘problem’.
* Windows 7 x64: Not Tested
* WIndows XP: Can now run GPMClamAV GUI & Context Menu Scanner & ALL (Unknown: ExpShell.dll)

* WARNING: Quarantine Directory Includes UnEncrypted (live) Viruses (Encryption & Quarantine Explorer to be implemented in future versions)
* Windows Vista, 7, 8 Disable UAC (If you are experiencing any problems)

* Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 x86/x32
* Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
* Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
* Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010

Virus Database Downloads: (Direct Link)
Put the downloaded 3 Virus Database Files @ “%homedrive%\GPMAV\db” Folder
main.cvd ver. 55 released on 17 Sep 2013 10:57 :0400 (sig count: 2424225)
daily.cvd RELEASED DAILY! (sig count: 935469++)
bytecode.cvd Monthly Released